Business-focused designers, creative developers, strategic marketers, mountain climbers

​We work closely to understand your goals, your ambitions, and your business so that we can deliver you the best service possible.


Some might call us OCD, but we prefer the term 'perfectionists', and that's because every website we create, every word we write, and every strategy we put together ultimately says something about us.

Base Camp Marketing was created because we identified a gap in the industry; see, we're entrepreneurs ourselves, a group of dedicated, like-minded industry experts who were tired of seeing so-called 'web developers' charge a fortune for mediocre jobs that they simply sent off-shore for production. Worse still, they lead business owners such as yourself to believe that's all that you needed - a website - when in reality, what you need to get your business off the ground is much, much more.


Alas, Base Camp Marketing was born: a team of high-achievers who've worked with some of the world's biggest, billion-dollar multi-national companies, some of the funkiest, most innovative start-ups going around, and the everyday man with that business spark - or as we call them (and rightfully so!), the entrepreneur. 

Our mission is to give you everything you need to get your business off the ground. From web design to content strategy, branding to marketing, we use the very latest in marketing Best Practice to deliver you a premium service that other agencies just won't bother to do.

Our vision is to guide business owners up the challenging mountain of business, by preparing them with everything they need at base camp, so they have everything they need to reach the summit with outstanding success!

When you work with Base Camp Marketing, we don't think of you as a client, but rather a partner. We invest the time and energy it takes to understand your business, industry, and competition, so we can launch your business successfully.

Want to work with the best?

We're hiring!
Drop us a note below and tell us what you're good at, what your experience is, and if you could climb any mountain in the world, which one it would be :)

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:



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